Saudi Permanent Family Visa
I want to know the procedure to get permanent family visa, please guide me.
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Saudi Permanent Family Visa
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4 years ago
I have also the same question that is there any web site showing all categories eligible for family visa
5 years ago
is there any web site showing all categories eligible for family visa? ........
5 years ago
great help man thanx for your valuable time
5 years ago
I have found some details regarding this.

Procedure for applying family visa:

First you need to make sure that your iqama profession is eligible for applying family visa. If yes, then follow the below procedure. If not, first change your iqama profession then apply.

1. Get your marriage certificate attested by Saudi Embassy in your country and ministry of foreign affairs of your country.
2. Translate your marriage certificate into arabic (from approved translation center).
3. Get your degree/diploma certificate attested by HRD of your country and Saudi Embassy in your country.
4. Translate your degree/diploma certificate and degree certificate into arabic (from approved translation center).
5. Relationship certificate from your country embassy.
6. Copy of your Iqama, Passport.
7. Copy your family members passport.
8. If you want to bring your children you need their birth certificates.
9. Your salary certificate from your company (signed by your kafeel and stamped). Also stamp from chamber of commerce.
10. Fill the visa application form (goto any typing center or check with your company mandoop) and get signed/stamped by your kafeel and you as well.
11. Attach all the copies with the application form and visit your Istaqdam office to apply. Keep your original document with you for verification.
Good Luck!

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